March 20, 2018

Why Windows Update Is Always an Issue and How to Fix It

windows update troubleshoot

Nowadays windows update always made issues because of some errors. And these errors may corrupt the update process. The windows update is sometimes underestimated as a cornerstone of your system’s security and integrity.

Regularly the Microsoft delivers the security patches, software update, and hotfixes through the windows update. The update process has been greatly streamlined for Windows 10. Moreover, there are some procedures could help the users to fix the problem.

windows update troubleshoot

The troubleshooting process is very simple and easy so that the people can get clear idea to solve the issues. Most of the users are facing this problem when it is not working in the updation time. Here, the reasons why windows update is always an issue. And also below you can get how to fix the problem quickly and easily.

Go online 

If there is a problem in your windows update go online and look at the Windows update news. Then search for the windows update problems and see any recent news regarding the software. In some cases, the update may go through from known issues and need to be patched. This is the common issue when the update fails to complete.

Manage when automatic updates reboot your machine

You can manage when your machine reboots after installing an update instead of turning off the automatic updates in windows. Below are the steps to manage when automatic updates reboot your machine

  • Go to settings
  • In that select the Update and Security option
  • In the top of the list select the Windows update tab
  • Then click Change active hours at the bottom of the window
  • And then Active hour’s window will open
  • Select the preferred times and click save
  • You can select the Restart options in the Windows Update settings if an update has already been planned then
  • And then select your preferred time and day
  • To defer upgrades select the Advanced Options on the main Windows Update page.
  • Finally, check the defer feature updates box

Check your installation error code

If your update creates problems or fails, it will often give you an installation error code. There are many common errors in installation. For example, the Windows Update Error 0x80070057 usually occurs when you are trying to back up your files. So, the user has to keep track a troubleshooting problem when it usually allows for update time.

Run windows update trouble-shooter

The updates bring some unwanted issues so the company has created the windows update trouble-shooter. This troubleshooter will run through in any problems with windows update and operating system parameters from functioning correctly. You can contact the technical support to solve the windows update problem immediately. A control panel window will open the System and security to fix the problems with Windows update.

Reboot your computer

This is the effective method to solve the computer host issues. And it often works for windows update. You need to reboot your machine when your encounter has an error message. And try to run the update again.

Speed up your computer

If everyone wants your computer to run faster, then speed up your Windows updates to run more efficiently and properly. Every time you install a new update, you are in effect speeding up your computer. If you want your computer to run really fast then you can follow the given steps:

  • Install Windows Updates
  • Run anti-virus and anti-spyware on a weekly basis
  • Use Windows Defragmenter on a monthly basis
  • Run a registry cleaner on your computer on a daily basis
  • Use Windows Add or Remove feature to remove unused programs
  • On a monthly basis using Windows Disk Cleanup feature
  • Use Windows Error Checking Feature on a bi-monthly basis
  • Reduce the number of programs that load on start-up

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