January 2, 2020

Top 5 Strategies, Tactics & Tips on How to Launch a Product

5 Tips to Guarantee a Successful Product Launch

Tech companies that create a “must-have” product can find themselves generating numbers in revenue that founders could have never imagined. Timing is everything when it comes to releasing a tech product as even low-quality products launched at the right time can be moderately successful. A great product launched at the wrong time might take quite some time to truly pick up speed in terms of volume of products sold.

Employees that have been involved in product creation as well as launch will be able to help lead those that have not. The small details matter immensely when it comes to creation as well as launch to give the product the best chance of being a triumph.  The following will cover the aspects to be aware of in terms of the creation of a new product along with its launch.

Market Research Saves Time and Money 

5 Tips to Guarantee a Successful Product Launch

A small tech company needs to invest in market research before putting real money into the mass production of a product. The wrong slogan or description of a product can make all of the difference. Getting the product’s target demographic together can be done by a market research company that can help translate the data. The tech company might find out what they originally thought was the target demographic does not line up with the data gathered. Market research will also help in the marketing of a product as targeted marketing provides a far better ROI than marketing to the masses.

True Manufacturing Costs in Bulk 

Once a product begins to sell at a high enough volume, it is time to scale up manufacturing. Manufacturing costs and cost per product can go down as many companies are willing to work out deals for bulk pricing. Doing the right electronic components search can allow a company to find the best price on a product. Manufacturing costs can also plummet when sourced overseas with bulk discounts helping save even more money. Be careful when manufacturing internationally as a factory treating workers inhumanely without the company’s knowledge will still reflect poorly on the company domestically. Driving costs down while keeping quality the same can help the profit margin of the product in a huge way. 

Taking the Proper Route for a Patent

The patenting of a product can help corner a market for a specific amount of time. Taking the proper route might seem like a long tedious process with a financial investment involved but it is essential. The last thing any small tech company wants is a tech giant to replicate a product at a fraction of the cost to drive the creator of the product out of business. Finding legal representation to help with this is essential of market sure if the company cannot patent the product that a portion of the product is patented. A company that infringes on this patent can pay a royalty/fines or have products put out of production. Licensing the patent out can also be a profitable venture for a company looking to produce multiple revenue streams. 

A Strategic Marketing Plan Should be in Motion Before Launch 

The market research that is done can help establish the goals of the marketing campaigns. For younger customers, a product that becomes “viral” in a sense can encourage them to buy it. For the older demographic, life being made easier appeals quit a bit. Content needs to be of the highest quality whether it is written, video, or in the form of a podcast. Climbing the search engines for keywords related to the product is important as well. Listing the product on major ecommerce stores like Amazon is also wise to increase the reach the product has. Amazon listing marketing is going to take work but with the right strategy/customer service/product copy the product listing will be showing up at the top of search results. 

Influencers Need to be Contacted to Review the Product

The influencer marketing industry is vast with nearly every product niche having a few known individuals. Picking an influencer for a tech product can be a far more difficult task than finding the influencer. An influencer is going to have to have a community of followers in the company’s target demographic. In combination with this the influencer has to align with the values of the company. A person known to live creating a lot of waste is not going to be a great brand partner for a tech product looking to reduce a person’s carbon footprint. Platforms are available for brands looking for influencers to partner with that also show the ROI brand’s have garnered through campaigns with the person. The right influencer being a part of a podcast can generate listeners that could turn into future customers. 

The creation and launch of a product for a small tech company can be immensely exciting as well as stressful simultaneously. With the right preparation this feeling can be far more excitement than anxiety! 

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