October 29, 2018

The Efficiency of Robotic application in Agriculture

Robotic application in Agriculture

The world of robotics technology is not limited to the manufacturing industry alone. Its applications are also useful in other areas including Agriculture. Incidentally, Agriculture has presented itself as one of the areas where robots are really needed.

With robots in Agriculture, the future of farming will be bright, thereby bringing about autonomous farming with greater productivity, output level while reducing cost in the long run. Without an of iota doubt, advancement in robotic technology will definitely change the business of Agriculture for better; enable ultra precision farming while addressing key challenges farmers face worldwide.

Robotic application in Agriculture

Robotic application in Agriculture

The robotic technology giant – Universal Robots has been developing collaborative industrial robots that can work perfectly in Agriculture. Their industrial robots will suit different aspect of Agriculture, change the current farming modus operandi and of course define the future of the Agriculture business.

Generally, Agriculture is a vast industry, and in the modern day, it is driven by technologies and tools to make the industry more productive and organized. However, robots and drones are the latest trends in this industry. In some countries around the world, Agricultural robotics is entirely in operation in small scale to make farming more efficient.  With the way this industry is going, robots and drones for Agriculture will become a multi-billion dollars industry by 2038.

The quest for more efficiency in farming has made robots and drones the epicenter of Agriculture in recent time. Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) used for Precision Agriculture. Precision Agriculture is also is known as satellite farming relies on technologies like satellites imagery, geospatial tools, big data, etc for better efficiency in farming.

However, the concept of precision Agriculture can’t be successful without reliable drones to carry out the aerial monitoring, inspection, and intelligence gathering. This is why robots and drones are the next big thing in Agriculture.

According to a report by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), Agriculture drones are likely going to capture 80% of the commercial UAV and can generate over 100,000 jobs in the United States alone.

However, for precision and autonomous farming to be very effective, Agricultural robots and drones will work synchronously. To put it differently, Agricultural robots are integral parts of precision farming technologies. They are used in every of farming including; soil assessment, seeding, harvesting, and even packaging. Therefore, when robotics technologies including drones are fully involved in the farming process, productivity will be breathtaking by 2038.

Areas Where Agriculture Robots Are Used In Modern Farming

  • Row crop, vineyard, and orchard applications
  • Nurseries
  • Mowing, pruning, and seeding
  • Automated harvesting systems
  • Weed control
  • Sorting and packaging

Areas Where Drones Are Used in Modern Farming

  • Environmental impact and flood risk survey
  • Precision farming
  • Survey of farmland
  • Fertilizer and pesticides measurements
  • Analysis of soil, health, and more importantly corps’ vigor
  • Remote sensing and mapping of crops and lands

These are some of the areas where Agricultural robots and drones can be used in modern farming. However, the opportunities are large, and by 2038 the entire aspect of agriculture will be all about robotics technology.

Benefits of Using Robots and Drones in Agriculture

Investment in robotics and drones in Agriculture is increasing exponentially with significant improvement each year. Below are some of the benefits of using Robots and drones in Agriculture;

  1. Drones and robotics technology saves time
  2. They are relatively very easy to use. In fact, operators don’t need any special training on how to handle these technologies; a light guide is all he needs to kick off.
  3. Since drones and robots save time, the yield from farming will definitely increase when they are applied in the process
  4. Investment in Agricultural robots and drones yield mouthwatering returns. Irrespective of what the initial cost is, you will definitely get good returns on the investment.

There are several players in the robotics industry to bring about a more interactive and proactive robot in the Agricultural sector. Universal Robots is definitely one such player. In fact, they are in a quest to bring new levels of productivity to the Agricultural industry with their industrial robots.

With Collaborative robots from Universal Robots, Your Agriculture business will be updated with the latest technology, thus making the industry very interesting for all stakeholders.

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