September 18, 2017

How can Spy Apps become both a Protector and Destroyer? The pros and cons of mobile spy apps

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Mobile applications have stormed the app stores and made our lives extremely easy and smooth. From shopping online, mobile banking, earning money to ticketing, billing and what not, mobile applications have hit the right spot. With the bright benefits, comes complementing risks and threats with it.

With so much information we put online, it’s pretty easy nowadays to become a victim of identity theft. So it’s needed to be aware of some advanced Android security tips if you want to prevent this from happening. Spying apps are becoming also quite popular because of the need to spy on someone else device with being noticed.

Spying apps can be a golden opportunity

These spying apps can be a golden opportunity for parents, employers, partners to keep an eye on their children, staff, siblings and other concerned associates. But these apps, just like any other app, have both pros and cons. The two sides of the coin in context to these apps are the app being a protector and a destroyer at the same time.

hidden spy apps android

How can Spy Apps become both a Protector and Destroyer?

Spying apps have solved many issues and rising cases of crime as a protector. With these apps on duty as a guard, parents, and teachers can look over their children to make sure that they are not being lured by or following any illegal and/or harmful path of life. It is also very necessary to keep an eye on teenagers or youngsters as they have fragile minds and can be molded just as wanted.

The social media influence on children is rising especially through Instagram and the trending snapchat. As the children enjoy their newfound freedom these days, unknown intrusion in their privacy might be needed at some point in view to safeguard their lives and protect them in one way or the other.

Chatting apps such as WhatsApp or Viber are quite popular and people can easily write, talk, exchange photos and much more. In terms of privacy it might not be a good thing sharing your stuff all over the internet. According to a study more than 40% of the children who use a smartphone have been bullied online so it might be smart to monitor their device. Nowadays is pretty simple to to get a spying app and as a responsible parent you should monitor your children’s device especially the chat apps.

WhatsApp spy Android is quite easy nowadays. There are plenty of apps you can choose from depending on your requirements. Spying is better than controlling their phone because the children might feel offended and bad if you keep checking their phone all the time.

The new spy apps are also a buzz since the protection is much needed and called for to armor the safety of children these days. These applications allow the monitoring person to view any information as needed at any given time.

Not just information exposure, certain apps like mobile spy apps come with an added feature of tracking the exact geographical location of the person being spied on. This is an extremely useful feature especially for parents of the girl child as it provides a sigh of relief to parents as they can anytime know the location of their children.

This is the ultimate security feature that underlines the downloading and success of these spy applications. Given the tracing feature, these apps are also considered to be a boon for locating a cell phone in case of theft, robbery or any other crime.

Spying apps beneficial for employers

The spying application, as deemed to be comprehended, is also beneficial for employers to scan through the official mobile phones of the staff to ensure that the confidentiality of operations and decorum is being abided by. It is extremely important in certain organizations that the projects and any information are not shared with anyone outside the concerned circle. The mobile spying applications are easy to use and optionally require just one instance of physical scanning and verification before the monitoring (spying) can start.

But as the benefits, it is also pivotal to decode the associated risks and negative connotations that the spying apps bring along. Though the advantages of the spy apps are phenomenal and capable of bringing societal security at minimal effort, the threats are major and cannot be denied or ignored even momentarily. The evil mind knows a thousand ways to harm and this is a fear attached with these apps. The spy apps are the holy grail for concerned parents, teachers, employers etc but the monitoring and tracking location can lead to a devastating situation when done by someone with an inimical intention. The spying applications allow the current location tracking and monitoring each move of the person with merely an internet connection and compatible device, the main advantage of safety becomes questionable. These applications can be a mode to invade in someones’ privacy unethically and learn any person information or details about anyone. The worst situation that can crop because of such revelations through the app unknowingly cannot be imagined.

It is often argued that these spy applications must come with a detailed consent form to be authorized taken form the person being monitored so that these are used only for a good and safe intent but nothing concrete has been laid on the same lines. While the norms for development and usage of these spy apps are in the process, one can continue to make use of them without any hindrance as we are sure of the sensibility and ethic ideology of the civilians like you!

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