September 17, 2016

GPS Location Tracker Phone for Kids


We always worry about the kids, since they are young we apparently care about tracking their whereabouts. Research shows keeping in touch with the smartphone screen can be harmful for the kids, which can negatively impact activity levels, speech development and posture. Kii and Haltin, ex-Nokia employees teamed up to introduce new GPS tracker mobile like device called Snow Fox.

This GPS locator tracker phone specially designed for active families with young children. The snow fox tracker phone allows the parents to call their kid at any time

Furthermore, this super compact tracker phone does not have screen and it measures 50*50*12 mm and weighs 37g. So it is small enough for your kids to carry with them. The perfect age for using this device around 6-11 years old kids. It has a SIM (2G and 3G, giving it global coverage) card that supports two-way communication, GPS tracking and weather proof design. It is also compatible with a smartphone app for iOS and Android which can notifies parents of their kid’s location.

snow fox

snow fox


The button design allows the children to easily handle the device. When the kid presses the button a notification request will be sent to their parent’s smartphone app. To respond to an incoming call, kids should simply press the same button on the device. And the important thing is your kid can’t switch off this device, which is clearly by design.

This device enables the kids to remain active and stay connected with the family members. There is an option called ‘familiar places’ in setting, there you can configure to automatically notify parent’s when the kids have entered and leaves the allocated locations.

It is not only giving peace of mind in keeping your kids safe, also it allows your kids to experience independence safely and securely. This device can work for whole week of usage on a single charge via micro USB.

Ex-Nokians has set up an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with a funding raise of $50,000, which will be used to bring the device in international markets. The price of Snow Fox tracker phone starts at $ 100 with a monthly voice plan subscription cost of $9.90 per month.

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