February 17, 2016

5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2016

content marketing 2016

Marketing is an ever changing industry. It is important to keep up with the market, as there are new methods of advertising that you may miss if you only stick with methods that are outdated. As with any other year, the content marketing climate is also changing. Here are five content marketing trends that you should watch for in 2016.

2016 Content Marketing Trends

  1. More photographs in posts

Posts with a lot of visuals and info graphics are becoming more and more popular. Articles on popular websites such as Buzzfeed will often feature a number of photos and gifs that help to make the article more interesting for consumers of all types. Connecting written content along with graphics will be necessary for marketers who want to remain competitive in 2016.

  1. More utilization of Facebook for articles

If a business wants to market, Facebook makes it quite easy. Businesses already have the option of creating a Facebook page in order to market their website and content. Facebook is also coming up with a feature that will allow publishers to offer full articles and information via Facebook. This means that publishers can submit articles and customers can interact with newly published articles immediately.

Faster interaction and easier publishing means the ability to get to more customers immediately. This service is new and every company should be gearing up to use it.


  1. Better mobile optimization

Mobile phones and tablets are the way that most people are now interacting with content. All businesses need to be concerned with mobile phone optimization. This means that your website theme must properly translate to mobile phones and proper interactions through phones. You should also make sure that all of your website advertisements are responsive for mobile devices in order to continue to see a good conversion rating and in order to make money.

  1. Social media is king

Content marketing is taking place more and more on social media than other places. Though consumers still read blogs at record rates, they are finding out about new products, services, and companies through social media. All businesses in 2016, will need to sign up for major social media websites, as well as up and coming social media businesses.

Putting more into publishing photographs, tweets, and even video chats will help to find a bigger customer base for 2016 and beyond.

  1. More billions put into content marketing

Content marketing is already a billion-dollar industry and it is only showing signs of growth. There will be more money put into building quality written content and marketing through social media web pages. If you are building up a brand new business, your content marketing and advertising budget should be largest for your online content. Some are investing more than their down payment for a ukhomeandpersonalloans.co.uk in their content building. Other businesses are investing as much as they can find in their bottom line inside of hiring writers and marketers to publish new content. Growing your business will take place as you grow your content marketing investment.

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