February 17, 2016

10 Ways to Protect Your Content

Protection of one’s content from copywriters has been the main issue affecting the affecting a number of individuals today. The content that is not unique on the site might prompt poor indexing of pages or their poor positioning the first original content can be indicated lower than the contender with the duplicated page content. This makes it hard of the search marketers to gaining traffic and visibility from search engines.

  1. Use a script to copy inhibition

Through the use of scripting one can disable the copy and pasting features of content in a web page. Scripting disallows the designation of part of the content, furthermore handicaps the setting menu in the whole document, if an assailant needs to open a code page.


Figure 1. Showing a script to prohibit copying URL

  1. Prohibitions highlight text in CSS-styles

This strategy has been somewhat less disadvantageous: by impairing the script to highlight the content would not be, and styles cripple the program more troublesome, be that as it may, this technique is likewise simple to get around, on the off chance that one opens the HTML-code of the page.

  1. Use of the company name in the text

For these pages, which depict the services that can be flawlessly embedded into the content of the name of the organization (site) that when one duplicates the managing editor needed to make a revamp, it will diminish the probability of such a content utility for contenders and its utilization.

  1. The use of Chipmunk

At the point when the content is partitioned into one of a kind offering, up to 100 characters. These recommendations can be utilized as anchor content connections, setting them on minimal effort ranges. Contingent upon the length of the content, these connections can be a few handfuls. Along these lines, reference signal content grapples sheet fortifies the content of the page for different special offerings and a most extreme probability web index will decide the content of the first.

  1. Social signal

Web crawlers recognize the wellspring of content on the date of its indexing and main web page. Social signals can include a little esteem pages, and if the new page – to help them immediately listed. To advertise social signals one need e.g. http://www.twite.ru site for tweet feeds.

  1. Paste the text of the article for links to your site

Most robots repeat article as seems to be, so in the event that it will contain links that prompt the wanted site, the internet searchers accurately distinguish the wellspring of content, in addition to one can get free backlinks. One can embed them as the first news, and different productions of the asset.

  1. Use Google authorship

It enables an individual to bind documents’ profile with Google +. It can be used to determine the authorship of content.


Figure2. Showing an example, Google authorship in binded documents

  1. The original texts Yandex

Yandex offers unique content feature which can be found in the board for website admins. Yandex guarantees to utilize this content to alter seek calculations, however, similar to Google, does not ensure anything.


Figure 3. Showing an example of a Yandex search engine

  1. Use “pingators”

Subsequent to the time the article showed up in the record is critical in deciding the source, it is imperative to tell the web crawler at the earliest opportunity that the substance on the webpage showed up. This is possible through sending pings.

  1. Cross posting announcements

News article placed on outsider assets helps the search bot to speedily find out about new substance, even before the assailants could take. It is done manually using services such as news2.ru

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